Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Blog Land Award

Well thank you Mrs. Kimberlee of Kimberlee Kreations, she was such a sweet heart and gave me my very first Blog Land award. I am so honored and just flabergasted that you even thought of me so Thank You!

Now on to the rest of this;
These are the directions I received along with the award:
Come to my blog, take your butterfly, list my blog, then list 10 blog sites you would like to receive the same blog award, and list them on your favorite blogs. Leave the same message for each when you give them their blog award.

And here is my list of ten:

1. Present Past Collection
2. Velvet Strawberries (AndreaSingarella)
3. Sommer Designs
4. The Little Blue Bird Dairies
5. Flea Market Studio
6. Artsy Mama
7. Sweet Goodness Swaps
8. Sew Little Thyme
9. Naughty Secretary Club
10. Avery Mary Design

As you all know there are just a ton of fabulous blogs out there so this is just naming a few!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is to 09

Well I have lots to tell you guys, also sorry for being gone so long the holidays kind of just sucked up all of my time.

Anyways I wanted to Share that From My Cherry Heart is doing a Valentine Swap.

So head on over and get signed up before Jan. 9.