Monday, April 30, 2007

Swappin Heaven

Check out all of the goodies that my swap buddy MeLisa sent me!
My box arrived on Saturday and I grabbed that sucker and ran right up the stairs. Check out the next picture of all of the goodies, she totally spoiled me.

Look at all of this stuff, it was all I could do to stop and take a photo and not ripp into these lovely little packages. Take a close look too, I was so excited that I spelled spring wrong, but let's just keep that between you and me!

Here's a close up, aren't those flower pins just the cutest! Let's see there was just so much stuff in there, there was a sewing patterns and a cute little pin cushion that she made. I was telling her that I am trying to learn how to sew. So far all I have accomplished are those little draw string bags. So she sent me this adorable pattern for a super cute summer shirt. There was chocolate and make-up, and these wonderfully smelling bath soakers that she made herself. Some new decorations for the house. Also she sent me this tin of inspiration, full of wonderful jewelry findings. Just so much stuff.

Isn't this the cutest MeLisa made it her self I am so in awe she did such a fabulous job, I absolutely love it. So I just wanted to share it with the rest of you. Now take a look at the inside, love the fabric combo that she used.

Plus she is just the most loveliest woman, I just adore her she is so sweet, and such an accomplished seamstress. I know I have definately made a great new friend with her, and hopefully I won't drive her nuts asking all of my sewing questions to her. Well check back tommorow, I think I have found something super cool. Dying to know what it is, well you'll just have to wait to see what it is. Until then!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Am I Dreaming!

Well guess what after visiting this great little Irish pub in Mexico named Kelley's which by the way has a great owner and a wonderful, I repeat mouth watering food, we came across of all things a bead store a block up. Now I thought it was exactly what I thought it was but I thought no, so I ran across the street much to my honey's confusion, to walk into a store with glorious beauties. So my sweetie patiently waited outside for about 45 minutes while I searched through all of the bins. Now this night I had taken my sweetheart out for his birthday dinner so I was so out of cash, so I asked my sweetie for some money. You will all find this hilarious, he gave me ten bucks, granted we are in Mexico but I am sure you can all relate, ten bucks in a bead store, come on. I told him, "Seriously?" So needless to say I left the store after having to fetch my other half from the street for some more money, let's just say I spent more at the bead store than I did on dinner. Until next time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sunny Relaxation

As some of you know I was on vaca last week in sunny Mexico. In my opinion not a bad way to spend a week, 80-90 degrees with a wonderful breeze coming off the ocean. I was at my last witz end, ready to just loose it at someone, anyone it didn't matter shortley before we left. So I was definately in need of some quiet and relaxation. We have been going to mexico for the past five years and staying all-inclusive at different hotels, which I highly reccomend. Maybe it is just me but I am some what cheap on vacations with food, so all inclusive is wonderful, if you dont like something all you are wasting is food and you can just order something different, so for me it is a chance to experiment without worrying that I paid a ton and hated it and am still hungry.

My honey and I stayed in Cozamel this year, we haven't been there before but a bunch of our friends had so we found a killer deal and tried it out. We stayed at the El Cid, which personally the food there not so great, I lived off club sandwiches the whole week, granted I did try alot of different entrees. Side note do not order a hamburger in Mexico, don't even ask. Anyways the hotel was nice and quiet most of the time until the cruise ships came in. We were apparently right next to the dock that they pulled up to so Monday morning I awoke bright and early and opened the window shade to see this huge gigantic cruise ship blocking my view of the wonderful ocean. Granted I am so not complaining!

I was slightly surprised due to the fact that I heard from another tourist that the next ship coming in wasn't until Thursday, she was wrong they come in everyday except for Sundays. Oh well it was very interesting to say the least. So I spent most of the week relaxing and embroiding some hankies, yes I brought some fun down south with me, of course I never finished a thing they were there if I needed them. Am I the only one that brings arts and crafts on vacatin with me or are there other people out there as well?

The Saturday before we left I decided I had to go snorkeling, for some odd reason this year I was really nervous going in the ocean. Normally I love it and find it very calming, naturally assuming I was a mermaid in a past life. This year however I got to watch hundreds of little jelly fish get blown into my side of the island one windy Monday morning and also another tourist was stung. Now I had been talking to ohis sister from Dallas and so I thought just ask it cant be that bad, according to him, not so fun they do indeed hurt alot. this did not help me in my quest into the water. So needless to say I had to email my dad and tell him that I was just terrified this year, did I forget to mention there wasn't a beach just some stairs into the ocean. The first time I went in I missed a few stairs and nailed myself against the rocks falling eyes wide open in shock into the very salty yet beautifl ocean. After I recieved a very fun response from my father, I have the best dad in the world by the way, I decided to venture in. I am so glad I did I went a few times and each time it got easier and easier and it was absolutely calming and visually exciting. So here is to relaxing and overcoming jitters, and you know what I did not come across a single jelly fish, gold star for me. Until later!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Fling Swap

Well officially this was my very first swap that I signed up for and I must say I am really loving the world of bloggers. Everyone is so sweet and the partner that I got for this swap is MeLisa and she is just the nicest gal around. Check out her blog she sew these incredable things, I don't want to insult her by calling them the wrong things but she has these dresses from, I'll call it the Wild West Time, Sorry if it's the wrong time era Melisa, and they are absolutely beautiful.

Oh and I am such an idiot I forgot to take photos of my package that I sent, oops can you tell I am such a newbie to this!

So now that I am back I need to download my pictures and share some from the vaca.
Until next time!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Candy, Candy Lots of Candy

Well I have recieved my first swap items for the International Candy Swap. Thanks to the lovely Andrea I recieved a ton of cool stuff. I can't wait to start biting into some of it so thanks so much Andrea.

I leave for vacation tommorow and I will definately be taking some of this chocolatey goodness with me. That being said I will be gone for a little bit, but when I get back I will definately add some pictures. See ya in a week!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

I just wanted to say a quick hello and a Happy Easter to all. Hope everyone is getting a chance to eat a ton and hang out with your loved ones, until later!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bracelets Everywhere

Well I have been working very hard on some bracelts lately so I thought I would show some off them off. I have spring on the brain so here is one Blue Flowers Blooming.

This one is more of a classic with an elegance to last forever, Pearl Eternity, with sterling silver chain.

As you can tell I definately have spring on the brain, I am just so ready for it. Here is another flower theme, Green Flower Power. I know not the most original in names but still a beauty.

Next we have Blooming Daisies, this one has swarovski crystals and they are just the prettiest teal color.

After the last one I was stuck on the color blue so I worked on this one called Blue Sparkles. I am realizing as I write this I really need to rethink some of the names that I am coming up with. alot of times I never name the piece sometimes I find that the hardest. Anyways hoped you enjoyed the small photo show. I would love to hear some comments, until later!


I am writing this on a Thursday afternoon, sad huh, but I just can't wait for it to be Friday. The day that ends the week, so I can sleep in on Saturday morning, even if it is only until 7:30. We all need our beauty rest you know, the older I get the more I wish for that wonderful Friday.

I had to share this I found this great website from Christy over on her blog Bon Bon Boutique about this website called E.l.f. talk about make-up heaven. Almost everything is a dollar, make-up brushes, eyeshadow and lipsticks. So thanks to Christy I had to check out this site and order something, I will let you know when it arrives and if I remember I will post some pictures.
Happy almost Friday!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Free Dyson Slim Giveaway

Now who doesn't want to win a free vacuum, well if you do head on over to Five Minutes for Mom's Blog and check out this post. You could be the lucky one to win a new Dyson Slim vacuum cleaner. I was just thinking that the vacuum I have is on it's last leg and I so hate spending money on vacuums, they are so expensive. So I guess I will just keep my fingers crossed. Bye the way the contest ends April 4th at 1pm eastern time so hurry and enter.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Earings Everywhere

Well I have been a very bad blogger lately, I keep meaning to just sit down and do it but it hasn't worked out until today. anyways I wanted to show some of my favorite earings. I am really into sparkle lately so I wanted to show these two, no names for them yet. I have never been good at naming my jewerly. You should see how they are saved on my computer earings 1, earings 2, and so on, pretty bad huh. One of these days I will have to sit down and do some spring cleaning with file names until then please bear with me. Anyways both of these earings are one of a kind and have sterling silver ear hooks. I see these as classic glamour, every gal needs some of that in her life.

Now we here we have a sampling of some of my other earings they really run from classic to modern, to crazy fun. I am currently working on some fun ones so I expect to have some photos of them oh in about three months. I am such a procrastinater when it comes to actually taking photos. I think I will have to start a gold star program for myself I get one everytime I take a rockin photo.