Monday, December 31, 2007

Valentines Swap

Maria over at the Junk Drawer is having a Valentines Sweet Heart Box Swap so head on over there if your interested in a fun swap!

I personally can't wait I just love Valentines and of course Chocolate!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Where's the Dog?

So I promised to share some pics of the dog and her stocking. Now OH's daughter was good about going to bed for Santa, my dog Lola, not so much, I couldn't find her anywhere Christmas eve, oh there she is sniffing out her sock. Little stinker dissapeared a couple of times after Santa visited at least she didn't pull it down.

Here is another pic of her ripping into her sock. I have never seen her so excited, in fact OH woke up little Blondie cause Lola couldn't wait any longer. I kid you not that is what he said when he woke her up.

Until later!

What have I been up too?

Eating and eating and eating some more candy or cookies, basically anything not good for you has been consumed by moi this weekend. Did I mention I haven't gotten out of the Pj's for more than a grocery shopping trip and a quick Crhistmas celebration. I know I just love Pj's if I could I would wear them all of the time. Along with my slipper socks and slippers. Which by the way my mother stocked me up on this year. Thanks Mom, I love the Mary JAne slipper socks, now I even look cute foragint through my house. Anyways back to my productive weekend, so I also surfed the net for well most of the weekend. I did clean and manage to do some laundry but other than that, basically eating. Oh well time well spent relaxing I guess, I just can't believe that the weekend is over. So sad, back to work tomorow for a day and than off on Tuesday to celebrate the new year.

So have you made any New Year's ressolutions yet? I have but not so much personal as proffesional. I'll share the details as I hopefully check them off my list. But I am gearing up for a heck of a year in good old 2008 for Vintage Recreations. Please join me on this fabulous journey! Until then!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I want this so bad

Well I recieved the lucky task at work to research cameras and to help pick out one for the marketing department. What did we end up getting well drum roll please. We got teh Canon XTI with a macro lens. It is a beauty and I want one for myself. The camera is so smooth and I am in love with it. I think I will stay at work much later than normal. We got to set up a mini photography studio with a light tent and everything.

Now I have been researching this stuff for awhile for Vintage Recreations and I am loving what this camera can do, especially the macro lens, so perfect with jewelry! So I might need to go to work on the weekends and start photographing some of my stuff. I repeat I love love this camera. In fact my boss keeps teasing me about never leaving work because of it, but she too is in love with this thing.

It is all I can do not to run to the store and add this baby on my credit card. I am thinking resbonsibly though, trying to pay off debt not aquire it. But it is so hard, I am ready to confiscate the one from work.

Do I not have the best job or what!

Hope you all are having a great week. Until then!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Look what I got!

Guess what I got for Christmas? My very own mixer! Yes I know I am so excited in fact I even tried it out with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Very nice indeed. Oh told me it was my mixer in training her was worried if he got me a kitchen aid mixer that I would use it once and then use it to decorate the counter in the kitchen. Funny isn't he. Although he has a point I generally only cook in the fall to holiday months and then I in the spring but other than that. I really don't bake too much jsut occasionally and I am a more hands on girl, literrally. I used to mix my cookie dough with yes my hands, it just seems to blend so much easier plus I have this bad habit of throwing everything out of the bowl when I use a utensil. Now though I am a real chef and I have my own mixer. So I am off to search for some more recies to try it out with. Until then!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a very lovely holiday these last few days. I did, we host my side of the family on Christmas eve and OH's side on Christmas Morning. Boy I am exhausted, it was so much fun, but I don't want the hoidays to end. Luckily I have one more Christmas to celebrate next weekend and I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to start the after Christmas sales.

Here is the best part, my dog Lola, she dissapeared late last night so we went around the house calling her and where is she. Sitting on the couch staring at her sock, it was so funny. I tried to get some pictures and I promise I will try and post them before the new year. I know I am so bad with photos.

Plus as New Years approaches I am thinking of some new resolutions. Not so much for myself as for the business. I try to work on one big thing each year. Last year it was getting ahead of Show deadlines and applying for larger shows. I did okay but as the New Year approaches I am faced with the same thing. More shows or less. Sometimes it can be a bit much with working full time and doing the shows so I try to keep them to a minimum right now of about one a month. How about you gals any New Years Resolutions this year. I know it is still Christmas and I am kind of jumping the gun but the quiet house is unusual so I am trying to take advantage of it.

Anyone want to share their Resolutions? Until then!

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Almost Christmas

Oh my goodness it is almost that time of year. Normally I am so prepared but this year with holiday shows and being unsure of what to buy, well let's just say I am running out of time and starting to panick a little. Okay well alot! I am not done shopping have barely even started, I am having my father and Oh's family over and not sure what I will be serving, let alone gone grocery shopping for it.

I took last friday afternoon off to get ready for a show and decided I should do some shopping. Well there was an accident on the freeway by the mall, the mall was a zoo. So what does Renee do, she keeps driving. I went home and read a book and took a nap. That isn't going to help with my problems. But the book was really good. So are you all done with your shopping yet? I still have to bake some cookies and wrap presents and to tell you the truth it just doesn't feel the holiday season this year. I am really having trouoble getting into it. So I thought if you guys had any good stories we should share them now so we can giggle ourselves into the holiday season. Until then!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Women's Art Festival This Weekend

Well ladies and gents I have been madly creating things for this weekends show. There must be something about a deadline that actually gets my but in gear. I had plenty of stock but just today decided to take the afternoon off and come home and get ready I ended up working in my studio for about 4 hours and just finished pricing everything and packing it up.

Anyways Vintage Recreations will be at the 15th Annual Women's Art Festival at the YWCA in Minneapolis this weekend.
Check out the flyer below if you in town, this is my first year at the event but I have heard a ton of good things from other artist about the show. It's a great place to help support local women artists as well as finishing up your Christmas shopping.
Hope to see some of you there, if you do stop by let me know that you heard about this from the blog. I always love meeting you guys in person. Also the camera is already packed so I will hopefully share some pics this weekend with you guys! Until next time!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

It has been way to Long!

Yes I am still alive, sorry I have been gone for so long, I have been getting ready for Christmas shows and I must say one down one more to go. The first one done is Landmark Center Holiday Bazaar. Now for those of you who don't know of this great building in St. Paul, MN, well here let me start by showing a picture and givng you a little history on it.

Well this used to be the old court house and rumor has it, well it's haunted. That's just what I hear folks, they used to have the jail cells down in the basement and they would hang people from the second floor, maybe the third, I can't remember exactly. Ironic because I used to worked at a law firm in St. Paul so I would go over to the Landmark Center for lunch. Then I had my Senior Thesis there for my BFA and for the show I was on the third floor in one of the old court rooms!

This building is just fantastic, here are some more inside shots from the old court room that I was in, on the third floor may I mention again.

I wish you all could have been there, the building is just amazing with all of the details, you can't tell but the big chandeleirs in the photo the class scounces are etched with this incredable gold floral design. Just amazing I tell you.

Well the show for me was a huge fun filled few days, I got to meet some really cool and amazing artists and I even had some returning customers. It was so fun to talk with them again. I just love my customers, they are truly the sweetest people and they all share a love of unique and vintage items. It is just so much fun for me to see what people pick out, all of my necklaces and bracelets are sized specifically for the customer and everytime I tell you it seems like the piece was made with them in mind. It truly is so much fun to see what someone picks out. I just love to see that my jewelry goes to a good home!

Anyways I should go I have chicken thawing in the microwave and I am trying to cook a nice warm dinner, it is absolutely freezing in Minnesota lately, like we aren't making it to the 20's anymore, well at least not until tommorow. So I leave you with a another shot of the wonderful festivities.

I know I so need a new camera, maybe Santa will come through this year! Until then.