Thursday, June 28, 2007

Star Burst Rings on Sale

Oh what a steal the Star Burst Rings are on Sale for the 4th of July for only $16 dollars. Get them while they last at Etsy.

They come packaged in an adorable ring hat box, great for gifts or just glam up your hand.

Friday Already!

Hi guys it has been a crazy week, I just started my new job up in Marketing yesterday so it has been very hectic with training and all of that stuff. So today I leave you with some fun stuff in my store. Also I will be adding some more of my jewelry in the store hopefully by this weekend. Have a great weekend and enjoy an early fireworks!
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Grand Unveiling

Well I finally finished my tiara for Holly Doodles Design Tiara Swap. After restarting a day before mail out I am finished, i hope my swap buddy
Karla loves it. Her 30th Birthday is coming up this October so she needed something special to wear.

That's about it for tonight, I am exhausted so my sweetie and I are a grillin tonight. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Arrivals At Etsy

Here are some new ribbon packets that I added to Etsy. So go check them out, and I am off to go work on my Tiara. I finished the first one and decided I so didn't llike it, so this morning I am starting new. Wish me luck!

This pack is awesome, I think it is some of my favorite ribbon yet. It has these lace like edges and it is so delicate and pretty. Check out the detail below, the pictures don't do it any justice, it is just adorable, almost plastic like.

This next one is just a cute pack of fabric ribbon with cool vintage patterns on it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I was Featured!!!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it someone featured me on their blog yesterday. Breath okay now calm down! I am so excited thanks to the wonderful Jessica over at Funky Finds. Thanks so much Jessica this was my first time being featured and you so made my day, plus Abigail is adorable.

Other than that I am actually taking the morning off of work tomorrow, have to go back to work at 2pm but I will take what I can get so I am so looking forward to staying up to the crack of dawn tonight working on something. Not sure what, but something. I can't wait, it's almost a mini vacation from life, yippee. Maybe some estate sales and garage sales, and then back to work. Until Later!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Tuesday My Friends

Oh today was one of those mornings that I could have just slept in. I had my golf lessons again last night and I am slightly sore. We got to learn our L-Swing which I was totally excited about, so we were supposed to practice the swing first, next practice with a T and then move onto the ball. Well, I was the bad seed and thought I had it down so I was the first one to add a ball, and boy did it feel good to hit that sucker. Anyway so everyone else in class decided they were going to do the ball too, oops well apparently we all still needed to learn just the swing better, tell you the truth it is a somewhat odd way to move your body and not as much fun as I thought, although I love the sound it makes when i wack the ball.

In other news here are the goodies that I sent my ParTea swap buddy Joyce. Joyce look away I know you haven't received this yet and it should so be a surprise.

So anyways Joyce is Down under and I know she likes to scrapbook so I kind of cheated and added in some pretty papers with her package, although who doesn't like to sip Tea and scrapbook so I think it still qualifies. She has some little cuties so I figured they needed their own set so her teacup was safe. So you get the point some goodies for Joyce down under.
Well I am off to work on some well work, doesn't it sound thrilling, all I can think about is Mary Ann relaxing on her summer break I wonder what she is up to today.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I Am So The Queen

Isn't this just the loveliest tiara that you have ever seen? I am so lucky that Karla was my partner. Plus mine came and I am still putting hers together, a little bit of glitter and a little bit of glue. Well anyways, I just wanted to show off this beauty that Karla made, I feel like such a queen I will be wearing this now when I clean.

In other blogging news I finally won on some one's blog, yeah for me, and thanks to Mary Ann, I won some pages from her collection to collage with, right now though I am pouring over them trying to merge them into my brain. Way to much fun, plus did I tell you that I won! so head on over and check out her blog she is hilarious and is currently on summer break. Oh and I will add a picture tomorrow, it's golf night again ladies!

Last not here is some new fun stuff that is in the good old Etsy Store so please check it out, I have been busy trying to make some fun new craft packs, and clearing out some of my antiques, I really need to stop collecting dishes. Either that or get a bigger kitchen! Now that sounds like a plan.

I call this one the Chill into Summer Craft Kit, original huh, anyways it is filled with a ton of vintage goodies.

This one is the Vintage Adult Goody Bag, remember getting these at birthday parties well here is the adult crafty version.
Next we have some pretty vintage dishes. I have a thing for these gold foil plates,and I really need to clear out some of the collection so here is the first one to go. Please only loving families apply!

Well that is all for now have a spiffy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I am one lucky girl, I have the best dad in the world. I was blessed with this guy as a dad and not only for his good looks! He is constantly encouraging me with all of my artistic endeavors, helping me in any way that he can. When I first started with Vintage Recretions, my dad surprised me with an Easy Up Tent. That is just the kind of guy he is, I offered to pay him back for it and he told me it was his way of investing in my business. Even when we found out that the tent doesn't fit in my little car, it's a two door, he has showed up and helped me every show I have, transporting my tent and anything else I can't fit in my car. No matter how early in the morning set up is. Plus he is such a gentleman by helping thers with their tents. He always puts his kids first and has always been there for me, when I am upset, with a flat tire, or any crisis i have. I know I can always count on him to be there even with a sarcastic comment and a smile.

I just want to give a thanks to my dad. Dad you are the greatest and I am so lucky to have you and thank you for everything I wouldn't be the women I am today without you. I can't even thank you enough, geesh I am getting teary eyed, your the best, and I hope I tell you that enough. I love you and thanks for being the best dad, I am so truly blessed to have you in my life!

Goody Bag

I am so excited about this item, i have been working on it for awhile now. I call it the Adult Goodie Bag it was just added to my Etsy store so please head on over and check it out.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Father's Day! Until next time.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad Blogger

So I am finding that I am a terrible blogger. Always forgetting my camera, hence the photo less week this week. Forgetting to post, sometimes I just get so wrapped up reading everyone else's great blogs. Anyways I just wanted to thank a couple of nice ladies out there that sent some wonderful Good Mail. Which I will add photos to this blog I promise before the weekend is over! But I want to so thank you to Catherine for a really cool GM tag, it is super cute, you are so creative!
Also thank you to Amber she sent me the Orbit which is really good, I normally don't chew gum but this stuff is great. She also sent me that adorable little card with sparkles all around the flower. i love sparkles!
Too fun everyone has got to love Good Mail!

Other than that it has been a quiet week for me the golf lessons went well, although I had a hard time just practicing what I was supposed to! I really want to wack the ball, so I had to ask the instructor, Deb, who is the best by the way, so umm when do we get to wack the ball? "Pretty soon", she said, I am thinking the last class, although this women must know me well, because at the end of class she was telling me that I was doing really well. I am just like a little kid, my eyes lit up, yeah for me, now I will practice my y swing, even though I really just want to do the fun L-swing. Here is to me for following instructions and actually listening to stuff I should, although I am going to the driving range this weekend and I am so gonna wack that ball. It just makes me feel so good!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Golfing Diva

Well guys today is the day, I start my golfing lessons! I am so excited I can't wait, my OH, that's other half for those of you who don't know my wacky terminolgy, got me the coolest periwinkle blue drivers and lessons for Christmas. It was actaully a whole set but the only pretty colored ones are the drivers. So they are my favorite, out of the whole bag of them. So I will let you know tommorow how it goes tommorow.
I was going to the driving range and doing really well, and then the last time I went I almost hit a couple of people with the ball, let's just say I was slicing the ball so hard it was coming at other people up on the driving range. Oops! Although the one guy I almost hit was stairing at my chest before I almost nailed him, so personally I think he deserved it. Personally thinking back, I find it hilarous, although OH might never go to the driving range and stand next to me again.
Until Later, wish me luck I feel like I am going to need it tonight!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some new Stuff

Isn't this just the cutest, a sampler of vintage lace, three trims and a sampling of baby fabric all stuffed into this adorable baby boot planter.

Here we have a sampling of vintage lace, these are so pretty and delicate.

Last but not least we have the Vintage Rhinestone Cluster Ring. I know I really need to become way more creative with names, but I think it works!
Well head on over to good old Etsy to check them out. Until later!

Happy Monday an OxyMoron

Hoped I spelled that right, and that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had a very busy weekend but found some cool stuff here and there at garage sales this weekend. So I will have to take some photos and share.

Well I told you all that I got promoted but I never mentioned to where, drum role please, I am moving into the marketing department. I actually have a degree in Communication Design, so this is actually in my field. So I am super excited plus everyone in that department is already just the coolest.

Other than that I have been busy sending out applications for art shows for the Fall and Christmas season. I am glad to announce that if your in the twin cities this November 29 stop on by the Landmark Center for their Holiday Bazaar, and stop by and say hi to me, I just got the letter and I am so in. Yippy, so I really need to start hammering out some more jewelry, and promotional stuff for the upcoming shows.

Hope this isn't the worlds most boring post, I am just feeling like what to write what to write and somewhat in a sleepy stupor still, counting down until I move out of my current very not so much fun stare at the wall job. It's the final countdown, sorry had to add that in, well until later!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Fabrics Galore

Talk about photo overload, but at least they are pretty right. Just wanted to let you guys know that I have added some more beautiful vintage fabrics at Etsy. So head on over and check them out.

On a super happy note, I got promoted at work, yeah so I am now moving up to the marketing department. So now I will actually be doing something that I went to school for. Super excited at this point so wish me luck. Also I would like to thank everyone for the great comments, I appologize I have been a glass half empty kind of girl lately and I am so not sure why. So thanks so much for bearing with me. Hope you all have a splendid weekend and may the Thrift Gods be with you! Until then!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Thrifty Gods Are No Where Around

So I finally got to go Estate saling last weekend and there were actually a few sales in town. So I was so excited and driving all the way across the fricken state to find barely anything! What, the heck! It seems that the sales were all really well picked over for the sale day, usually I always find some awesome stuff but this time, I just kept driving and driving. Finally on my last sale I found the stuff in the photo.
I did come upon some cool vintage pinking shears in the original box for 2 bucks and some old flowers, and a tin. I sweat though I spent at least 15 bucks on the gas driving all over the place. Oh well!

So unfortunately I have a Baptism this Sunday, so the Thrift Gods won't be looking out for me this weekend either. This is so bad I feel like an addict waiting for my next fix. So thank you to everyone else that is posting pics of your finds, at least I can share in the joy of your great finds! Until Then!

Monday, June 4, 2007

More Goodness in my mailbox!

Thanks to sweet Angel, I recieved some nice good mail last Friday. Angel was sweet enough to send me a package full of creativity. She sent me some beautiful feathers, a notebook, some address sticker, and some orgamie paper and directions.
Thanks so much Angel I loved it!

Also I just added this beautiful fabric over at my etsy store so hop on over and check it out, I just love this print! Until then!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Check This Out!

Oh super excited guys I am offically in a store with my jewelry. Yippee skippy, now just cross your fingers that it will be flying off the shelves.
Well here is the details; the store is Emylynn's Boutique, I am located at the Buffalo store which is off of Main Street, with all of the antique stores.

So if your in Minnesota and want to stop by the store; it is open today and Saturday and then from now on, it will be open the first and third weekend of the month, from Thursday -Saturday from 10am-5pm.
Also check out my Etsy store there is some new jewelry like the Pink Princess Ring up above that has been added. Until then, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!