Sunday, November 4, 2007


Has anyone heard of "Thriftmas" before? Well let me tell you my local thrift store is having a Thriftmas Boutique right now and man is there a ton of stuff. For example so much stuff it is indimidating. I talked to a lady who went yesterday when it opened and she said it was jsut crazy and that everything that is out on the shelfs now is new stock. So ladies if you guys have a local Arc Thrift store I highly reccomend racing on over there and start your Christmas shopping now. There are so many decorations and tins and baskets, and cards. Just a ton of Christmas stuff, I plan on hitting some of their other locations, but I am telling you leave a lot of time for yourself to browse. There is a ton of stuff.

As for me I need to start gettinig ready for my next show the Landmark Holiday Bazaar, it is coming up fast and as usual I am so not ready. I have to plan a new layout for a table not the usual tent layout that ╦ćam used to. In fact I am investigating some new display ideas. Which reminds me does anyone have a creative idea for a necklace display that isn't to expensive. I would love to hear some ideas! I am having quite the trouble with that one. I thought about using some mini trees but I'm worried the necklaces with get lost in them. So anyways that is what is pondering my mind these days besides work which has been full steam ahead.

So until next time I hope everyone is creating like mad!

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Felicia said...

Thriftmas? LOVE it! That is a great name for what I try to do every year. Best of luck preparing for your show!