Sunday, July 6, 2008

Baby Shower And Diaper Cakes

Well this is what I have been up to on my lazy Sunday. Making a diaper cake for an upcoming baby shower, OH's sister is having her first baby. Now she is waiting till the birth to find out what, a boy or a girl. So I have to complain here and say it is so hard to find neutral baby stuff. Nothing matched themes or they were out of everything. So needless to say I kind of cheated and added all of the baby colors!

Now that I have ranted and raved about unisex outfits onto the photos. This cake used just over 100 diapers, all rolled and then I added in baby socks and towels as flowers. Plus I stashed some cute little surprises inside the cake. I kind of cheated and used some circular boxes in the middle to make a four layer cake!

If your interested in making you own head over to U tube and google Diaper cakes there are a ton of examples and a couple of great tutorials. Until next time!


Ms. Porter said...

I've seen diaper cakes before but yours is really cute!
I've missed your haven't been updating us on what you've been up to!!

Kimberly Miller said...

Hey swap buddy - I got your package in the mail on Monday, but didn't tell you because I thought the other box would be here yesterday or today, but it wasn't. I got the priority box, so the other one is the white one?

Wow - everything in that box was so fabulous. LOVED the ice tray filled with exuberant trinkets, and everything was just awesome. Thank you SO much. I couldn't have had a better partner for this swap.

I'm going to post to my blog when I get the other box, but wanted to let you know. Don't see a post on here about what I sent you (hint hint). Hmmm, she did say it would take some time.

By the way, love your diaper cake.


Forever Vintage said...

Your diaper cake looks great. I made my first towel cake for my friends bridal shower in June. Everyone loved it and thought it was real at first glance!