Monday, October 27, 2008

Leopard Baby All the Way!

Well I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded my Mac to the Leopard operating system. Guess what, the girl who normally isn't a fan of change is totally loving it. It is absolutely way better than the last one I had. Plus I spruced the memory up a bit to 2.5G and boy can my Mac fly. I totally feel like speed racer it makes me click through things so fast that I can barely stand the computer at work anymore.

Plus thanks to my Mac I have learned to install a hard drive, memory, and I had to do something else inside the thing too. So I am feeling like such a smart girl and so proud that I didn't have to pay a ton to take it somewhere for something that I can do.

Now you may be wondering why I decided all of a sudden to upgrade. Well this is really a silly answer, and I was planning on biting the bullet and spending the money next year but not this year. Well I got a bright and blue Ipod Nano for my birthday and it wouldn't work on my computer. I know! I was so upset, so instead of returning it minus the 10% fee for already opening it, I just pushed it up a couple of months ealier and I am so glad I did. Everything just works so much better now. Blogger before did not run so smoothly with the old system, I couldn't attach labels or spell check or anything. Now I can do it all again. Plus it has this great feature of always spell checking your stuff so you get that little red line underneath stuff. Totally Fabulous because I swear my fingers get ahead of my brain alot when I am typing and then I spell everything wrong.

In other news we had our first snowfall yesterday, with crazy whipping winds and it was freezing. Luckily nothing stuck but it is still freezing. Hopefully it will warm up a little for all of the trick or treaters this friday!

Until then!


Ms. Porter said...

We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow!!!!!! It won't last it will just be the blowing type but the kids are going to flip!

Sugar Bear said...

Snow?! Ack!