Sunday, October 28, 2007

Boutique Madness

Last week I participated in my first boutique, Carrie, the lady who runs it is super sweet and so full of information. I just love her and it is amazing what she can do with a rented space. It was certainly a new adventure as I was dropping off my jewelry I was feeling well a tad out of place and so unorganized compared to the other jewelers, but thanks to all of the super nice people I have learned some new tricks and I sold some stuff.

So now I am getting ready for the next boutique that Carrie is doing, the Holly Day Boutiques, so if any of you guys are new to this or have done it before she is having some other boutiques this spring so check out her website and let her know the I sent you there. Remember she is super nice and very informative. Otherwise if your in Minnesota go check out the boutique their are fabulous artists and the prices are great, just check out the website for the address it starts November 1st. I can't wait to do a little more shopping myself!

Hope every one is well out there and hopefully I can get my but in gear and start posting more, I've even fallen behind keeping up with all of my fabulous bloggers out there.

Oh and in other news I am participating in the Sweet Goodness Swaps, Sister Holiday Swaps and we just had our first swap and my lovely partner Sarah sent me the most adorable little bag she made filled with chocolatey goodness. Gotta love a girl that send you chocolate. As usual I am having some camera difficulties, I think i need a new battery pack, I don't think it is me after all.

Anyways back to doing some inventory for the boutique, have a great week you guys.


Felicia said...

Congrats on your boutique success :)

tan my embroidery said...

Goodluck 2 you !