Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Sis

Today is my lovely sister Jewel's Birthday so Happy Birthday Sis. She is nine years and 1 day older than me and just about the best sister a girl could ever have. I'm must admit I was a stinker when we were younger and she told me once at 18 that she didn't like me much as a child. Understandable due to the fact that we are nine years about and well I was a stinker. i think I broke alot of her posses ions and snooped a ton through her room.

For instance, I call her Jewel, her name is Julie, not really a stretch but I came across this name as a child snooping through her drawers and this boy that apparently had a mad crush on my sister used to call her that. Well I started calling her that because it used to annoy her to bits. Eventually it stuck and now she doesn't mind it in the least, because well she is a jewel.

I'm not sure if she knows this but I always wanted to be like her, and I always looked up to her as a child. She had the huge 80's hair that always looked great and she could make the best chocolate chip cookies and brownies. She used to babysit me and she was so cool that she would let me dress up in her cool clothes and do my make-up. She as just the coolest older sister any girl could have. she taught me how to ride a horse, make fabulous deserts, and bought me my first walkman, rainbow bright walkman, by the way. She taught me so many valuable things and is so dear to me.

She is an incrediable mother and artist and she has always been behind me encouraging me and well making sure I had enough well balanced meals in college. She is a fabulous cook, so when I was in college and my parents lived out of state I used to go visit her, she would always come and pick me up and then send me home with enough dinners until the next time I saw her. She has always just been the sweetest thing to me and so today I would like to wish her a birthday full of bright candles and lots of pretty packages, and lots of cake with zero calories of course. Well it is her birthday, didn't you know that on your birthday cake has no calories!

She is just the coolest mother and sister, full of so much knowledge and love.
So Happy birthday sis and thank you for everythign you are the best sis in the world and thanks for helping mold me into the gal I am today. I love you lots and I just want you to know how special you really are to me!

So make a wish, a really good one and blow out those candles!

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