Friday, February 15, 2008

OWOH Winner

We have a winner, Margo from Margos Memories Musings. So Margo please send me an email and these pretties are on the way to you!

In other news, Happy Belated Valentines, I took some pics of the lovely flowers I received and then forgot to email them home. Oops, i took them at work with the super cool new camera. Oh well what to do, other than that I was off to the doctors today I haven't been feeling well I wasn't sure what was wrong and get this I have an infection in my lymph node? So hopefully after a few days on antibiotics my neck will not be swollen and my ear won't feel like it is an elephant. Totally not fun, but way better than the flu.

Anyways I am still in resting mode, so I will be back tommorrow hopefully with something exciting right now I just want to hibernate and eat a lot ice cream. What ice cream is good for a sore throat don't ya think. There are no calories in that ice cream, no sir! until then

PS Margo I couldn't find an email so I left a comment on your blog!


Heather said...

Congratulations to Margo!

Margo :-) said...

Hi Renee! I received the bobby pins in the mail today and they are GORGEOUS!!!
Thank you so very much!!!! :-)