Saturday, April 19, 2008


As usual I have been missing in action lately. I really have no good excuse, I was sick and then I was just busy with the store and well, I could use a ton of weekends strung together or maybe some vacation time. Grated I've been using that for the sick and also for the super nice weather.

Oh's birthday was this last week so I ditched out of work at lunch and we went to the driving range and out to lunch. It was so nice, I don't know how I make it through an eight hour day everyday. Especially with summer coming, I think I am in for a rough time. I just want to go outside and play, so to compromise I did ask my bos for a sky light in my cubicle. She laughed so I am not sure if that is going in or not. I'll have to check in next week. Other than that just busy as a bee as usual, I should be getting ready for the Crafted together show, but no I have been reading a book that I have been waiting for for almost a year on the waiting list. I read it in one night. Now I have to wait for another few months for the new one to come out. Alas this is enough rambling for one night. I'll try to pull myself together and have something better to talk about for the next post. Until then! Oh and check out the shop I got some new super cute stuff in and more coming next week.

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