Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kentucky Derby Swap

Well my ladies and gents, the time has come and yes I finished a day late but my tiara was ready for my swap buddy Dara, who by the way made me the most gorgeous crown ever, hop on over to her blog and check it out. i am in love with it, she did sucha fabulous job. Alas here are some photos, I'm posting early cause I have a show this saturday, Crated Together in Woodbury so fellow Minnesotians head on over and check out the show. There are a ton of fabulous artists. Also check out Bristols blog for the links to other fabulous hats. Also she just opened a web store called Honey Bend Vintage, don't you just love the name.


Ms. Porter said...

so good to 'hear' from you...well to read a post from you. sounds like business is busy...not a bad thing.

madrekarin said...

Renee- Your flower crown is adorable! I love those sparkly bits in the center of the flowers!
Good luck to you at your show!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee!

I LOVE my crown!!!! It's so gorgeous!! I love the cut out flowers, the pearls, the sparklies, everything!!!!
I put it in a certain special spot in my living room that I'm going to be blogging about soon!

*hugs* Dara

Flea Market Queen said...

Very pretty...
Love it!

Lola said...

That is so sweet and lovely!!

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

That is soo pretty! good luck with your show...I don't have a blog but mine is on the are receiving such a Gem too! great swap!