Sunday, June 1, 2008

It Feels like Summer

So sorry I have been MIA, I am trying to slow down and relax more especially with the wonderful weather we have been having. Also my email was hacked or something so I have been trying to figure that one out to. I have a mac so virus i am hoping ans assuming not, but somehow someone sent an email from my yahoo account from me saying I was selling electronics from China. First off electronics are not my foray and second, what is going on. So if any of you smart souls out there have some advice send it my way! I tried AVAST but it wouldn't work with my system. So I am so lost at this point, i assure you all though I have had my password changed, it is so hard that it takes me awhile to remember it, let alone spell it right.

Anyways back to some fun, so I thought since I have been gone for awhile I would catch you all up on some of my latest swaps and the beauties that I have been receiving.

First up is the fabulous crown Dara, from Sophie Rose Designs made me for the Kentucky Derby Hat Swap. I told her I loved blue and would love something Marie Antoinnettish, man did she deliver. just look at all of the details, I just love it!

Next up we have Karin, from the Junque in your Trunk Swap. All I can so is oh my gosh, I love the case and just check out the picture of the inside. It is such a treasure chest delight. So much fun and she did such a lovely job with my likes and dislikes.

Last but certainly not least is my swap buddy Emily for the I love Paris in the Springtime, swap. Hmmm what your not seeing in the photo is the two boxes, yes two boxes of chocolate crackle cookies which, I have never had before and then me and OH's daughter managed to polish those babies off in oh about two days. Emily they were delicious! Otherwise check out all of the fun stuff she sent, I just adore the book and am already half way through it and then the beautiful stickers from her own personal stash, as well as that cool clutch that she made herself out of plastic bags. I am still amazed how she did that. Plus I love the new Blue moon beads she sent me called Organics, I was just in Michael's the day before the package arrived and I ended up not buying them and then regretting it. So thank you so much Emily.

Thank you to all of my fabulous swap buddies and the fabulous ladies that hosted the swaps, I have had so much fun and made so many new friends. Until next time!

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Kimberly Miller said...

Hi Renee - I'm Kimberly. We've been paired in the Parasols, Pink Lemonade and Polka Dots swap on the Sweet Goodness Swaps blog. I have my questions answered on the blog for you to view any time. How are you doing with your email and such? Still having probs? I hope not - that just messes up my day when I have problems like that. I love your blog. Hope to hear from you.