Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Miller

Well today is a very special day, it's Miller's birthday! We have known each other since middle school and have been inseperable since. She truly is the worlds greatest friend, we have been through so much together and have always been there when the other has needed anything. So since it is Miller's birthday and our ten year reunion, plus I was banned from using any photos over 24 without her signature on them first, I thought I would share some photos of Miller and I in high school. The first photo is for our Senior Year Homecoming. God I used to love my cheerleading uniform and pom poms!

Miller and I were always known for our lovely photo birthday collages. In fact, each year we would go bigger and better. We had our most glamorous photos and some that neither of us ever wanted to share. For instance, my birthday is 2 weeks after Miller, well one year she apparently didn't like my choice of photos that I hung on our locker. So to get me back she went to Kinko's made about 1000 copies and lets say three out of the five photos were the least flattering ever, and proceeded to post them around the high school every where. Well you remember High school I was mortified and ready to kill her as I went from class to class ripping them down. Looking back now it is absolutley hilarous, especially her locker sign. Now I remember why she was upset, plus She just had to out do me.

These photos are from our Junior year, prom, Edgefest, and our trip to the DECA Conference. We won county for 2nd place if I remember correctly.

Last but not least we have one in our early 20's at Anoka's Halloween Parade with our adorable matching flower hats.

Anyways to get back on point, Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Gal I know. Here is to another year prettier, smarter, and another year of breaking hearts, using fake names, and creating total Chaos when we finally get out, well maybe not so much chaos anymore, but darn it we still have a good time! Happy Birthday and remember Miller your only 25!~ :) P.S. for those of you who don't know me I am the blonde tall one, not the gorgous short one, that would be Miller!

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