Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It Rained it Poured

Well I just finished up with the Edina Fall into the Arts Show last weekend. I must say it rained and poured and drizzled but man people, well true Minnesotans still came. Plus I have to share this, this is my third year and I made it into the park. Which for those of you that don't know is a big status thing among the artists. So whoo hoo! Plus the festival is set up among the prettiest park in Edina, Centenial Lakes.

Other than that, I also managed to injure myself, granted I was good and didn't get any blood on anything important. I guess you could say I am a procrastinator/ perfectionist! I decided a week before the show that I didn't like my displays it was time to change, and make a ton of new product that I had been playing with but with no shows all summer there was no rush right.

Well I was a good girl worked all day came home and got straight to business, until Wednesday, when I found out I was actually using OH's chisel as paint peeler, oops he wasn't so thrilled, I was asking him are you sure this is a chissel, as lo and behold chisseled right into my finger. Now this is not the worst of it, next OH decided if I wanted help then we better do it before the Twins game so I jump up all caffienated and peppy and run into my car antenae. Hmm you asking what does that matter? Well it's broke and instead of fixing it, I had OH pull it up so I could still listen to the radio, in doing this he left a very sharp edge. Now that sharp edge has been there for oh almost a year now, never jumped out and hurt me until stress time.

Yes I managed to remove the webbing between my ring finger and my pinky. I also learned that night that I do not handle wounds. Now I didn't need stiches but lets just say I could see things that in my opinion are not meant to be seen. So after not believein gOH that I didn't need stiches I called my father, ( Wise one of all things) to double check.

So my dad is telling me to describe it so I am staring out the gash and the hole, and all of a sudden I get a hot flash the room starts to spin. Hmm so not good at this point, but yes there is more! So I am able to get off the phone with dad and then make it to the bathroom before I heave anything left over from lunch.

You will all be glad to know after that I was fine, until friday when I caught my arm on it, this time OH bandaged it so I did not have to peak and yeah still no stiches and made it to the show with fabulous new displays, no blodd on them and my new table covers. Here are some pics in the rain, nothing special went more for a minimulistic look. Don't you just love the window earring displays and my chandeliar though. The windows were the cause of all of the holes I now have that are all conveniately on my left side. hey at least I am consistant right! Plus I figured you would rather see this than the wounds.

Until next time! Watch out for sharp metal objects!

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Ms. Porter said...

Ouchie gal! Glad it went well despite the rain. I noticed the chandelier right away, love it. I think your display looks fab...well done! Now dont' go hurting yourself alright?