Monday, September 22, 2008

Twilight Oh My!

So I have been reading snippets about the book Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer now for oh about a year. Yes I am always so far behind everyone else, I like to make my own trails! I kept meaning to read it and then I saw I was number 550 on the waiting list for the library. That basically means that oh I won't be reading this until 2010. So I was surprised when I picked up my niece on Sunday morning for our Auntie and niece Flea Market run as she began telling me about this fabulous serries she was reading. She enjoyed it so much she was already on the fourth book and she had just started the serries last Sunday night. Yes my family loves to read, granted my niece is 12 and reading at a college level. Yep she is a smarty, plus she offered to even borrow me the books. Let's just put it this way we are all known to say pick up a book and not set it down until we are done, in fact Tal used to get into trouble while reading until the wee hours of the morning under her blankets with a flash light.

Anways I degress, so I started reading twilight late last night, I couldn't put it down, all of a sudden it is 2am and I know that monday is so going to be a crabby day for me! Needless to say I finished tonight. I just love the characters, Stephanie Meyer did such a fabulous job and this so means that I need to stop by my nieces tommorow and get the next book. I don't know if I can wait, let alone I am curious about the movie that is supposedly coming out, the characters just come alive in this book, I hope the movies lives up to it.

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