Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Estate Sale Lust

Well I went estate saling last weekend, haven't done that in awhile and I found some great stuff. Here is the jewelry that I found, not quite sure if I will take it apart or keep it for my collection. I guess I haven't mentioned that before, I actually started collecting vintage jewelry during my college thesis, tons of it. Perhaps to get away from actually working on my thesis or just a new hobbie to help relieve some fo the stress of that senior semester, anyways I kept finding broken pieces that were just to beautiful to pass by. So I bought them anyways and stashed them in their very own special jewelry box.

The summer after I graduated and was jobless I started thinking, I know how to work with silver so why not use some of those techniques to recreate new jewelry with the broken pieces and Vintage Recreations was born. Anyways back to my new stash of treasures.

I found these vintage baby shower cards a whole box most of them still sealed for only 50 cents, can't pass that up.

I also got this cute and very springy cup, alas there was only one left for 25 cents, so I had to add this to my collection too.
And last but not least I also got this bag of vintage cards for 1.50, not bad and I am started to collect old vintage cards for the great illustrations on them. The problem is when I only have one I have a really hard time using it in my crafts, although one of the ladies at the estate sale showed me how to make them into gift boxes and they are so cute and perfect for a unique touch to a gift.

This ends my show and tell from my last adventures of wonderful estate sales, until next time.

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