Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jewelry All Around

It seems that when ever I start working on something new I always get caught up and make a ton of the same thing. For example magnets, I got on a magnet craze there for awile, and next it was rings, and for some odd reason now I am on to necklaces.
I am so in love with this one, I might have a hard time parting with this one, it is one of a kind with a sterling silver chain that is 18" long.

The next necklace was made with blue pua shell and vintage findings, which currently I keep wanting to use in everything. Blue is my favorite color and the way the shell makes the color sparkle and remind me of the sea, well I just keep falling in love with it. This is also one of a kind, with matching earings. Hope you all enjoy them!

On another note, it is rainy and dark in Minnesota today, the kind of weather where you feel like a nap and a movie. Well I just can't stop myself from yawning today. Although I guess I can't complain spring is on it's way and it needs just a little bit of water. It will be sunny and warm in no time and if not well I go on vacation in 2 weeks to sunny Mexico.

I so can't wait, I love it down there plus we are going all inclusive so that means drink and eat up. I just can't wait to see the ocean and relax a little. I swear I was a mermaid in a past life, I am just so relaxed with the sound of the waves and everything else the ocean just feels like home to me. Ironic huh since I live so far away from any ocean, although Minnesota is the state of 10,000 lakes so maybe that is what makes up for it.

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Lucy said...

Oh my goodness, your jewelry is just gorgeous!! I love the necklace!!!!!

I'm like you, when I'm a kick with something I go into overkill with the same items. I just keep trying and trying to enhance each one until I get really good at it then I go on to the next "thing" :)