Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Blinging Rings

So I realized I have yet to show off some of my jewelry, so I thought I would show some of my new rings that I am so excited about. They are kind of blingy but so in a good way. Well here check them out for yourself.

These are what I am calling my star rings. Now for a more classic approach we have these and they have matching bobbie pins two.

How can a girl go wrong, classic glamour with this one, as you can tell I have yet to name this one, perhaps the classic beauty. Now remember photography isn't exactly my cup of tea so please bare with me, I just wanted to get these up so you guys could see them. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, here in Minnesota we hit almost 70 degrees this weekend so it has been beautiful. I am so antsy for spring and for some flowers and growth, hopefully it is coming soon. I definately have spring fever.


Lucy said...

Wow! Love the blingy rings! Now do you sell them at stores or where do you peddle your wares? Curious minds wanna know (hey and may wanna buy!). :)


Renee said...

As of now I am trying to set up an etsy shop, and I am working up the courage to appraoch stores. I am such a chicken about that.
Otherwise I have been doing the art fairs, last year was my first year.
Otherwise people just email me and we work it that way. Thanks for asking though. Your the best!