Sunday, August 12, 2007

As Promised

Well as promised I have a photo from my golfing adventure last week, and no the above photo is not of me. Since OH took the photo as I kept finding tees in my pocket , it is at the very least not the most glamorous, although I personally think it is better than the picture he took of my rear as I was getting ready to tee off can wee say snug. Just what I need on the web right? Leave it to him these are the only two pics I have of my first time golfing, we went with Oh's sister and husband, who by the way are a blast to golf with. Very encouraging to the newbie and Oh's sister taught me the golden rules of a gimme. So in the end I scored 48 out of a possible 29, not to bad for the first time. Plus I had fun so hopefully later I will have better pictures. I can't even show you a picture of OH's sister because once again it is a rear picture and I am not sure if she would appreciate me showing that on the web. I don't think it occur ed to Oh to walk around us to get the photo so anyway alas here are two out of the four that made it onto the blog. Now remember ladies this is so not my best picture, it is one of those snapshots while I am talking away!

Well other than that i didn't get to go thrifting this weekend, having some car problems. Which personally i just wish cars would behave and be good well, forever. So hopefully by next weekend I will be back out and hunting around for some new treasures. Until then!
Ps if you look in the corner of the photo you can see my super cool blue, yes blue golf clubs that OH got me for last Christmas, and since blue i my favorite color it should be no problem for me to coordinate with my clubs and outfits! Now if I can just find a place for my purse I am set!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! That looks like a blast. I need to try golfing with hubby.

Anonymous said...

Renee -- You look so wonderful out there playing golf -- loving the blue shirt! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog and well wishes for Mother and Coe. Your tin will be on its way this week. I have really enjoyed your wonderful fabric. The best Etsy store! Thanks so much for the extras -- very generous.

All the best,