Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rain Rain Go AWAY

Remember this old rhyme, " Rain, Rain Go away come back another day," well that is exactly how I am feeling. Granted some places need the rain and it does make for some nice sleeping weather, but this cloudiness is making me want to take a nap every couple of hours, which personally I am pretty sure my work wouldn't go for it if I curled up underneath my desk! I think the people in Southern Minnesota are really feeling that way. It is just so sad that they got flooded out and the damage is so hard to comprehend. This is sad but in my world I try to avoid these kind of stories. I know it is awful but I am trying to think more on the positive side lately and just seeing the damage is so upsetting I just can't begin to imagine how awful they must be feeling.

So alas I have shoved that thought aside, back to Renee's world. I read somewhere lately that women get so bogged down with all sorts of worries. That is me with a capital T, I can fret about things that aren't even going to be happening for three months. I have always been somewhat of a worry wart so I am trying to see the positives in everything and anything lately.
For example if traffic is nice or if it isn't well I got to spend some alone time chilling to the radio and some good music. Now I admit in everyone's busy lives I think we do worry more and get upset about the stupid little things so I am trying. If you would like try with me it is actually nice not stressing about things that i simply cannot control and that is another thing I need to keep reminding myself. I can't control everything like I think I should be able to, surprise huh! i hope you are all having a splendid week and I am or have been working on some great goodies to be adding to Vintage Recreations so stay tuned! You know I will so share this with all of you as they come about, until then I am madly preparing for my first show of the fall, Edina's Fall into the Arts Festival, so I am mad with creating lately. Until then!


Maria said...

Hey Renee im going to take your advice about " not stressing about things that i simply cannot control" PERFECT ADVICE!!

Ms. Porter said...

Good advice. I'm also a worry wart and a control freak. So much of our happiness is the result of how we think. Think happy, think grateful, think positive, think joy.
I've read that negative thinking/worrying/guilt is a habit, we need to change that habit.
PS-just catching up on my blog reading, I've missed yours!!