Friday, September 28, 2007

Camera Error User? or Machine?

So I am so ready for the weekend and I just wanted to announce that I am totally an idiot. I have been carrying around my camera for the past week so I could snap some photos to share with you guys and get this, apparently the camera was on the entire time or at least long enough that everytime I went to snap a picture no juice. So being good I would recharge teh sucker, and still no life. Well I have finally figured it out, I was charging it while it was on, so it would charge and then use the battery up pretty darn fast cause it was on all of the time. So needles to say no photos this week.

I had my god son's birthday party and his mother and I have been friends since junior high so I was going to share some pics but no, thanks to the dead camera. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I am off to a antique festival at the state fairgrounds this weekend so keep your fingers that my camera is being better or at least for no user error on this. This one is huge not as big as the one in Texas but still bigger than normal around here.
Until then!

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