Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm Back

Hi guys, it has been a busy two weeks! We did celebrate my gram's 93rd Birthday however i got out voted on the tea party and since it was such a glorious Labor Day weekend in Minnesota we had a picnic.

Here is a pic of my grams and me. I look like such a giant next to her don't I. She is about 5'1" like most of the women in my family and I forget how tall I am until a picture is snapped. Although my niece is already passing my sister so I think she will be up to my height in no time.

Here is a pic of my little brother and his girlfriend and my brother in-law trying to avoid being in any pictures. It can be so annoying everyone always turns away and runs when I take out the camera. Especially now with the blog, although if you shoot enough pics you can get a tongue stuck out at you too. Love my little brother he is such a sweetie and he just bought his first house at 25, so I am so proud of him. Plus he even asked if I would help with the creative decorating as he put it. His girlfriend melissa is a real sweetheart also, she blends right in to the family so easily and is always so helpful. After dating my brother and barely knowing me she hung out with me for two days straight last summer trying to help me at another art fair and it was plain miserable and hot.

Other than that I just finished up with a fall show, The Edina Fall into the Arts festival. This is my second year doing the show and I just love it, great people, great organizers, and fabulous artists. i also found out that some of my jewelry pics were used in the add for the Star Tribune. That is so cool, I have never been published before and in all honesty I usually take horrible pictures. I never have the patients to set stuff up correctly or anything. Which I find amusing since I did attend a fine arts college and loved my photography classes.

Anyways I am still trying to get my hands on the add it ran a couple of weeks ago and I had absolutely no idea about ituntil a customer mentioned that my rings looked just like the add in the paper. Still clueless until Karen, who runs the event stopped by and asked how I felt about it. I was just flabergasted, and truly excited.

So now I have one more show for sure, a Christmas show, waiting to hear back from another and checking out boutique events. Has anyone every participated in these before. if so will you please email me and tell me about your experiance. It sounds like they just pop up for about a week, make the place look like a store, and I just drop stuff off kind of like consignment. It talked to this wonderful women about one that she runs yesterday and she was so helpful with advice and suggestions, so I will let you know how that goes. Hope everyone is easing back into the school year nicely. i can actually say I miss college and I think I need to sign up for a class somewhere. I just love to learn new things, don't you?


Joyce said...

Great pics! looks like you had a great time

Felicia said...

What a wonderful celebration for your grandmother's birthday.