Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy Daisy

Well sorry I have been MIA seems to be a theme lately, I accidentally over booked myself for the next two months but the real problem happens this week. I have three events going on so of course i waited till the last minute and decided I needed to make a ton of new stuff. So I have been going full force for the last week or so. All will be fine, but I am still behind on taking photos of the fun mail I have been getting so sorry ladies I promise i will do it. I really do it just might be awhile longer still.

Other than running like a crazed women, I have been taking Lo to the vet, poor thing ended up with frost bite. So of course I feel horrible but I still can't believe it, she is never outside long. The vet was really nice and had to explain to me it wasn't my fault over and over. Apparently since she is so short she is getting wet or moist and having some problems with one nipple being frost bit. Still horribly embarrassed by my apparent lack of a parent. Plus Lo is pissed due to the Elizabethan collar she has to wear while I'm at work. But after a few days it is starting to look better and she is no longer licking it. Score for me. So it has been crazy as usual and I am falling behind. Here is too a fabulous week to all and hoping spring hurries it's but up in Minnesota!

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