Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hello Basket

Ever have one of those weekends, I had a show yesterday so I decided on Friday to sew, which I really don't know how, new table linens from some vintage curtains. I finished without finishing the edges which I am quite proud of granted there are some mistakes but they turned out real pretty thanks to some helpers at Joannes. Fast forward to Sat. no clean socks, so I stole some of Oh's and headed out the door, late, but with clean over sized socks. That is the type of weekend I have had last minute, car problems, I swear it is possessed i will be paying tomorrow to find out why the car is posses ed hopefully it will be cheap. In other happy news, see below.

Thanks to the wonderful Molly, I have received the coolest Easter Basket ever. She really did a great job, plus she was so on the ball she was already shipping hers, and I had only bought the basket. she even sent Lola her own goodies bag, which she loved the toys Molly was so sweet to send her. just check out the pics, Molly you did a wonderful job and thank you so much!

Other than that it has been crazy around here, Jane, you know who you are, I have finally made a bracelet in your color palette, I have some pics, but of course they are at work, so I will email you this week. I am so sorry it took this long to find the pieces, who would have known that gold and blue were hard to find together, or it is just that I was looking for them.

Anyways finished a show yesterday and am currently uploading some more vintage flowers to Etsy and then inventorying jewelry for a boutique drop off tonight. Then i think it is time for some laundry. Do I sound crazed a little in this post? Well i am so feeling like a maniac you wouldn't believe it! Until next time.

Okay blogger is being a pain and not loading my pics, I have been trying all day, and darn it I give up, I am off to bed, maybe tommorow I can share the beautiful basket I received.

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Ms. Porter said...

I swear Lola has so much personality she seems like she's a real person...just look at that face!