Tuesday, March 25, 2008

J'adore Paris!

I think I did that right, I had two years of French in High school and two years of Spanish so I love to mix them together. Plus I was never that good at foreign languages. Anyways, whoo what a day, I had a drop off for a boutique and get this I get there, an hour from my home, to discover I forgot the jewelry when I left for work this morning. I have never forgotten the jewelry before. So thanks to OH he met me so I didn't have to drive all the way home.

Other than that I am so excited the Sweet Goodness Girls are hosting a spring swap, I love Paris in the Spring Time. Love it!

In fact I was just watching the Hills on MTV last night, I am so addicted to that show, not sure why, but I just love watching it. Anyways Lauren was in Paris last night for Teen Vogue, nice huh. I never got to travel out of the country for an internship. It was so fun to watch and see the city of lights. I'm sure you guys don't know this but when i was 16 I got to travel there with school for about a month and half. The best experiance of my life, would totally reccomend it to anyone esspecially artists though. Paris just has this feeling and ambiance about it, I was so homesick for oh about a month, and I think I spent more on calls home than buying things. Of course when it was time to go I cried, I just fell in love with that city. Sacre Coure, I think I speeled that wrong, but any ways they have the cutest market near the church and it is filled with artist and this one nice older man drew my portrait and it was just amazing, I think my parents still have it some where. If you ever get the chance, I say jump on it, I want to go back and hit the flea markets and eat at the out door cafes.

Another fun fact while I was there, I was so wrried about money, it was the first time I had to handle expenses for that long and I only had 1000 dollars, so I ate baquettes and nutella for almost every meal, except in NIce I had a lasagna dinner and it was to die for. I lost 20 lbs and probably looked the best I ever have. So ladies get out your credit cards and make that flight, and could I please stow away in someone's luggage? until next time!

P.S. special thanks to Fated Follies StudioFated Follies Studio who helped me correct my french for the title, I was always so bad with the verbs.


Fated Follies Studio said...

I think for your title you can either say J'aime Paris or J'adore Paris but right now it says I like/love to adore Paris. I hope that helps a little. I love french but they have so many verbs and tenses. i wish i could go. have you ever gone?

Sugar Bear said...

I was just telling hubby I want to go to France for our next out of country trip. Hopefully he will agree!