Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some New Pretties

Well here is the bracelet that I made with Jane in mind. Jane I promise I will email you tonight with pics!

I used the new camera at work and I lvoe it but I forgot what a pain it can be to take pics of jewelry. As you can tell with the too pics I was playing with using some different lighting the gold tone is actually the color in the first picture.

Anyways I will hopefully post some new pics of another piece tonight, alas I am at work on lunch and I must say it is so nice outside. It feels like spring today I think we might even hit 45 degrees. I know I can barely describe how wonderful it feels. I swear I am ready to run home and drag out the sandals already. Granted yes we are supposedly getting a nsow storm next Monday. I'm not sure if you all know this or not, but I love sandals, if I could I would wear them all year round, unfortunately since I live in MN I can't!

Oh well lunch is over and I should get back to work :( Alas I just want to run out in the open and feel the sun on my face all afternoon. Maybe later! Until then.

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