Monday, April 2, 2007

Earings Everywhere

Well I have been a very bad blogger lately, I keep meaning to just sit down and do it but it hasn't worked out until today. anyways I wanted to show some of my favorite earings. I am really into sparkle lately so I wanted to show these two, no names for them yet. I have never been good at naming my jewerly. You should see how they are saved on my computer earings 1, earings 2, and so on, pretty bad huh. One of these days I will have to sit down and do some spring cleaning with file names until then please bear with me. Anyways both of these earings are one of a kind and have sterling silver ear hooks. I see these as classic glamour, every gal needs some of that in her life.

Now we here we have a sampling of some of my other earings they really run from classic to modern, to crazy fun. I am currently working on some fun ones so I expect to have some photos of them oh in about three months. I am such a procrastinater when it comes to actually taking photos. I think I will have to start a gold star program for myself I get one everytime I take a rockin photo.

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