Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the Thirteenth!

Well I have never been superstitious about Friday the 13 before but after the morning I had I am starting to wonder. I think it is less than three weeks that I have been in my new position and I have already had to fill out an accident report. Nothing serious mind you more disgusting than anything.

So today wearing my comfy open toe sandals I had to move some stuff around in storage so I could ship out some stuff to an upcoming trade show. Well not fully paying attention I moved some plastic stairs that apparently had wheels on the bottom. Never noticed this until it was to late mind you. So I stacked the stairs over against the wall on their side and it rolled right out and managed to catch my big toe nail and ripped the sucker right off almost half gone. At first I thought I had just been bumped and then well let's just say this is when I noticed that my red toe nail polish seems to be all over my toe. Talk about gross, so I had to walk up a flight of stairs and half way across work or it seemed that endless today to reach a bathroom for some tissues. Seriously my big toe nail come on I just painted them!

I did try and take a photo for you guys but in all honesty it is pretty nasty. So I thought I would keep it to myself. So Renee's new goal try not to walk into things and watch all of my body parts at once. I am a natural born klutz but these are my toes we are talking about I want to be able to still wear sandals without scaring small children you know.

In other news the sweetest women is holding a cupcake swap, I would have her button on here but my mac is being evil with Blogger and won't upload it. Anyways go check her out The Little Bluebird Diaries. She is just amazing personally and she has alot on her plate right now so stop on over and wish her some good vibes and kind words. Until later I am off to try and do some cosmetic surgery on my big toe, it is summer you know and I am so not giving up my sandals yet! Yes I am vain, never new I was this vain especially about a toe, but come on who wants screaming children huh!


Cherry Menlove said...

Oh my goodness, I do hope you're alright! Take good care of ALL of you and have a happy weekend.

Cherry xx

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Yikes....Hope your TOE heals fast!

I got GOOD Mail today! Thanks so much, Renee. You made my day.



Jammy said...

OUCH....I hope you are okay! and can walk without too many issues. You poor thing!!


Felicia said...

eek! I hope you're doing ok.

Sugar Bear said...

Oh dear! Hope you are okay.

Sarah and Jack said...

Ouch. I once dropped the baby gate on my big toe nail, and I swear for 2 minutes it hurt worse than giving birth! (And then of course 6 months the whole toenail fell off. Gross. LOL)

SoDak Angel said...

Ack! Dang-it, it always happens right after you polish! Why not the little toe, which takes like a second to grow back! Thanks Renee for my good mail, loved the thoughtful of you. Hope your toe heals fast, and you have a great summer.