Monday, July 2, 2007

Not so Smart

So girls I thought it was my duty to share this story with you all. I have been madley working on a ribbon wall. I am using the wood dowels and the tacking them up on the wall concept. Great idea huh, well it is definately clearing up space for me because I have amassed quite a large amount of ribbon in the last year, vintage of course. Well, my studio which is just distrasterous, hence no photo of the ribbon wall, YET! Anyways I decided to move the ribbon racks up some and all I have in my studio is a rolly chair. Yes here is where the drama begins, I have become very good at balancing myself on this rolly chair, on tile mind you. However perhaps I wasn't thinking when I went to slide that cute little tack into the wall and well mt resistance and shoved that little pin in! I am sure you can just guess what is coming next. That blasted chair was no longer under my control, I managed to stay standing on the chair as it managed to find the only clear path in my studio as all six of my newly pinned up ribbon racks came tumbling off the wall. Yes the ribbon was already on them organized by type and color mind you.
What's next you ask, well the door bell rings, our guests are here, and here I am still standing on my rolly chair with ribbon still plunking down the wall. So sad but it gave me a giggle and still does now well lets just hope I remember rolly chairs are so not good to stand on. Also do not try and do home improvement when you are expecting guests. They don't always understand while you are laughing hilarously while standing admist a ton f ribbon pooled all over the floor.

So please live through my mistakes and use a solid thing when standing and trying to tack things into your wall! Until next time!


Cerri said...

Oh my! That is a funny storry!! Sorry your ribbon wall came tumbling down though!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Please come by anytime!
~Cerri xoxo

SoDak Angel said...

I am so glad you kept your wits about you, and laughed, and didn't get hurt!

Tammy said...

ooohhh, can't wait to view the ribbon wall!!! intriguing! xoxo

Charmingdesigns said...

Only things like this can happen to a true crafter!! Laurie

Jammy said...

Oh my gosh, I am dying...hahaha!! That is so something I would do....good one!