Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pleased to Announce Bits & Pieces Junk Bags

Well I am pleased to announce that my Vintage Recreations is now offering Bits & Pieces Junk Bags! These bags are jammed packed with broken and unmatched earrings for your creating pleasures. I have managed to amass quite the collection and it seems just like everyone else that I am trying to organize my studios so I am selling these great bags for a steal. Come check them out.

This is a matching vintage earring grab bag!

Next we have a vintage pin grab bag!

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Rosalyn-Sue said...

Such a lovely shop! I can't wait for my fabric I just purchased to arrive. I adore using dotted swiss for baby clothing! Thanks for the comments on my blog. Moments like those always seem to get you by in life.

All the best --