Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Fling Swap

Well officially this was my very first swap that I signed up for and I must say I am really loving the world of bloggers. Everyone is so sweet and the partner that I got for this swap is MeLisa and she is just the nicest gal around. Check out her blog she sew these incredable things, I don't want to insult her by calling them the wrong things but she has these dresses from, I'll call it the Wild West Time, Sorry if it's the wrong time era Melisa, and they are absolutely beautiful.

Oh and I am such an idiot I forgot to take photos of my package that I sent, oops can you tell I am such a newbie to this!

So now that I am back I need to download my pictures and share some from the vaca.
Until next time!

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MéLisa said...

I had to laugh at the Wild West era comment. You are about right. mid-late Victorian Era to be exact. This was the same time of Wyatt Erp & the western boom towns so you were right!

I am looking forward to seeing your vaca pics (& to see what is in my box!!!! Come on 5pm!!!!)