Friday, April 27, 2007

Am I Dreaming!

Well guess what after visiting this great little Irish pub in Mexico named Kelley's which by the way has a great owner and a wonderful, I repeat mouth watering food, we came across of all things a bead store a block up. Now I thought it was exactly what I thought it was but I thought no, so I ran across the street much to my honey's confusion, to walk into a store with glorious beauties. So my sweetie patiently waited outside for about 45 minutes while I searched through all of the bins. Now this night I had taken my sweetheart out for his birthday dinner so I was so out of cash, so I asked my sweetie for some money. You will all find this hilarious, he gave me ten bucks, granted we are in Mexico but I am sure you can all relate, ten bucks in a bead store, come on. I told him, "Seriously?" So needless to say I left the store after having to fetch my other half from the street for some more money, let's just say I spent more at the bead store than I did on dinner. Until next time.

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