Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sunny Relaxation

As some of you know I was on vaca last week in sunny Mexico. In my opinion not a bad way to spend a week, 80-90 degrees with a wonderful breeze coming off the ocean. I was at my last witz end, ready to just loose it at someone, anyone it didn't matter shortley before we left. So I was definately in need of some quiet and relaxation. We have been going to mexico for the past five years and staying all-inclusive at different hotels, which I highly reccomend. Maybe it is just me but I am some what cheap on vacations with food, so all inclusive is wonderful, if you dont like something all you are wasting is food and you can just order something different, so for me it is a chance to experiment without worrying that I paid a ton and hated it and am still hungry.

My honey and I stayed in Cozamel this year, we haven't been there before but a bunch of our friends had so we found a killer deal and tried it out. We stayed at the El Cid, which personally the food there not so great, I lived off club sandwiches the whole week, granted I did try alot of different entrees. Side note do not order a hamburger in Mexico, don't even ask. Anyways the hotel was nice and quiet most of the time until the cruise ships came in. We were apparently right next to the dock that they pulled up to so Monday morning I awoke bright and early and opened the window shade to see this huge gigantic cruise ship blocking my view of the wonderful ocean. Granted I am so not complaining!

I was slightly surprised due to the fact that I heard from another tourist that the next ship coming in wasn't until Thursday, she was wrong they come in everyday except for Sundays. Oh well it was very interesting to say the least. So I spent most of the week relaxing and embroiding some hankies, yes I brought some fun down south with me, of course I never finished a thing they were there if I needed them. Am I the only one that brings arts and crafts on vacatin with me or are there other people out there as well?

The Saturday before we left I decided I had to go snorkeling, for some odd reason this year I was really nervous going in the ocean. Normally I love it and find it very calming, naturally assuming I was a mermaid in a past life. This year however I got to watch hundreds of little jelly fish get blown into my side of the island one windy Monday morning and also another tourist was stung. Now I had been talking to ohis sister from Dallas and so I thought just ask it cant be that bad, according to him, not so fun they do indeed hurt alot. this did not help me in my quest into the water. So needless to say I had to email my dad and tell him that I was just terrified this year, did I forget to mention there wasn't a beach just some stairs into the ocean. The first time I went in I missed a few stairs and nailed myself against the rocks falling eyes wide open in shock into the very salty yet beautifl ocean. After I recieved a very fun response from my father, I have the best dad in the world by the way, I decided to venture in. I am so glad I did I went a few times and each time it got easier and easier and it was absolutely calming and visually exciting. So here is to relaxing and overcoming jitters, and you know what I did not come across a single jelly fish, gold star for me. Until later!

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