Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bracelets Everywhere

Well I have been working very hard on some bracelts lately so I thought I would show some off them off. I have spring on the brain so here is one Blue Flowers Blooming.

This one is more of a classic with an elegance to last forever, Pearl Eternity, with sterling silver chain.

As you can tell I definately have spring on the brain, I am just so ready for it. Here is another flower theme, Green Flower Power. I know not the most original in names but still a beauty.

Next we have Blooming Daisies, this one has swarovski crystals and they are just the prettiest teal color.

After the last one I was stuck on the color blue so I worked on this one called Blue Sparkles. I am realizing as I write this I really need to rethink some of the names that I am coming up with. alot of times I never name the piece sometimes I find that the hardest. Anyways hoped you enjoyed the small photo show. I would love to hear some comments, until later!


MéLisa said...

Great bracelets! I really like the blue flower one. (psssst I sorry haven't gotten back to you last e-mail I have been on a sew-a-thon for the last week & work as usual is a zoo. I will soon though).

Ms. Porter said...

Love your stuff.