Sunday, May 27, 2007

7th Anniversary

Well guys last week was my seven year anniversary with my other half. Not quite married yet, but just wait till I tell you this story. One time my other half and I got into a fight, he said that no one else celebrates anniversaries unless their married. Let's just say I think he was trying to get out of it that year.
So needless to say I was worried that he would forget this year. To be honest at this point we really aren't even sure about the date anymore, I swear it is May 23 and he swears it is May 22, either way I figure we are close enough.
Now I tend to put alot of importance on holidays and the longer we are together, well it becomes comfortable and so I am always waiting for the next big romantic gesture. They start coming slower and slower, now maybe this is normal, seven years for me is the longest relationship I have headd so, perhaps I am wrong.
So last week I called my OH(other half) and asked if he wanted to do something that night, the night of our anniversary, his response, "Why?" and then he starts laughing, "You mean to celebrate our anniversary?" Well needless to say those weren't exactly the loving words I had been waiting to hear all day. Then he goes on to tell me, " Well if your asking if I got you something, I didn't." At this point I am mad and I am hurt and really ready to cry.
So since I am still at work I decide to calmly explain to him, in an email, how that really hurts my feelings and that he is an oaf and so on, only to come home to the roses. Now I am feeling dumb, OH decided that he wanted to make sure it was a surprise, his point, "If you knew then it wouldn't have been a surprise." Not that I comletely buy that, but all ended well, we went out to a wonderful dinner and we are now on to seven years. So to all of the ladies out there your OH isn't the only odd male, I think they are programmed at birth!


Tori :) said...

Happy Anniversary!! 7 years... that's awesome.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Happy Anniversary-the roses are reaaly beautiful!!