Monday, May 7, 2007

One of Those Days!

Ever have one of those days that just doesn't go the way it should? That is the type of day I am having, first I fall off of my steps While I am trying to let the dog out, dropping the leash. Now my little dog Lola is terrified of the blue handle, so she is slightly whining and running loose as the evil blue handle is chasing behind her. I am still lying on my back, laughing at this point, exactly where I landed after missing three steps. So as a wonderful dog owner and Grrl Genius I somehow managed to grab some of the leash as my dog is running past me, still on the ground mind you and I caught it. So the attack of the big blue handle was over, so she is fine, but still a little scared and proceeds to crawl into my lap, as I sit up wondering if I have torn my new favorite Pj's. Well no tear thank goodness I have only had these for about a week at this point. I pull up the leg of the Pj's to see I justed scuffed up my knee, which I am getting way to old to have scabs on my knees during this point of my life.

All in all after that and some anoying people calling me at work it has been overall a good day, but I think I am ready to pack it in and just hide out at home and hope that tommorow will be much more pleasant, granted I can now laugh at my klutzyness. My dog however is probably different but I reccomend to watch your stairs, sometimes they have evil intentions! Are there any other klutzes out there besides me? Until then!

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