Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Mom Happy Mothers Day, I am so lucky to have you for a mom. You have always been there pushing and helping me in my pursuits and all of my creative endeavers.
Here is a funny story I would love to share with all of you out there. When I graduated high school my mom wanted me to check out this private college that was a fine arts college. I have always been a very creative person and my mom thought this would be a perfect place for me to go. Well when I was eighteen I wanted to be a lawyer, so I told my mother that I so did not want to be a starving artist. Since my mom couldn't find the school, it had just seemed to have vanished, she let it go.
So I went to the university of Minnesota in pursuit of eventually becoming a lawyer with a minor in pyschology. Two years into college I decided to take a break, I was enjoying my freedom and college days far more than any of my classes. Now fast forward two years, I decided to go back to college and I had found this really quaint small private college, called the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul. So I applied and got an interview, I was so nervous my mom came with me and low and behold this was the college that she had been talking about four years before. They had changed names, funny how things work out isn't it. I graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Communication Design. I guess when they say mother always knows best, well it seems like sometimes they do. So thank you mom for everything, you are so the best mom. Love you and Happy Mother's Day!
To all the other amazing and creative wonderrful mothers out there Happy Mother's Day to you!


aubrey said...

what a sweet story! i agree, mom's are amazing!

happy mother's day!

MéLisa said...

That's a great story Renee! Mom's are the best! I don't know what I would do without mine!

Amber said...

What a sweet tribute to your mama! And I GOT IT.Your good mail, that is. And used it for a little note for my friend who gave birth on Mother's Day. Talk about perfect timing.