Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tiara Swap!

Oh my gosh guess what ladies, Holly over at Holly Doodle Designs is a having a tiara swap! Doesn't that sound like a blast, I personally think everyone should have one. I finally told my mother that I had to have one for my 25th birthday, what girl doesn't need a tiara. In fact it is a rhinestone encrusted one, got to give my mother some credit, she picked out a beauty. So ever since that wonderful sparkly day, I take the old girl out for a spin every birthday and when I have to clean. Which in all honesty, isn't often enough but it really does help to wear it. You guys will just have to try it out! Now if I can just get my SO to relax he always freaks when I wear it in public. Now I'll have to find a photo to share with you all!

So head over to Holly's blog and sign right up, and if your a little nervous about making your own crown she lists great places for tutorials!

1 comment: said...

I was able to get to your site through the link in the comment but not from the email. Love the jewels, vintage is the best stuff to work with, isn't it?

I signed up to do a tiara too!