Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad Blogger

So I am finding that I am a terrible blogger. Always forgetting my camera, hence the photo less week this week. Forgetting to post, sometimes I just get so wrapped up reading everyone else's great blogs. Anyways I just wanted to thank a couple of nice ladies out there that sent some wonderful Good Mail. Which I will add photos to this blog I promise before the weekend is over! But I want to so thank you to Catherine for a really cool GM tag, it is super cute, you are so creative!
Also thank you to Amber she sent me the Orbit which is really good, I normally don't chew gum but this stuff is great. She also sent me that adorable little card with sparkles all around the flower. i love sparkles!
Too fun everyone has got to love Good Mail!

Other than that it has been a quiet week for me the golf lessons went well, although I had a hard time just practicing what I was supposed to! I really want to wack the ball, so I had to ask the instructor, Deb, who is the best by the way, so umm when do we get to wack the ball? "Pretty soon", she said, I am thinking the last class, although this women must know me well, because at the end of class she was telling me that I was doing really well. I am just like a little kid, my eyes lit up, yeah for me, now I will practice my y swing, even though I really just want to do the fun L-swing. Here is to me for following instructions and actually listening to stuff I should, although I am going to the driving range this weekend and I am so gonna wack that ball. It just makes me feel so good!


Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hello Renee,
Thank you for comming by my blog. It was fun reading through yours. I cannot wait to see more swap pictures. Flickr look great with all ParTea Goodies already.

catherine said...

So glad you liked the tag!