Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Monday an OxyMoron

Hoped I spelled that right, and that everyone had a fabulous weekend. I had a very busy weekend but found some cool stuff here and there at garage sales this weekend. So I will have to take some photos and share.

Well I told you all that I got promoted but I never mentioned to where, drum role please, I am moving into the marketing department. I actually have a degree in Communication Design, so this is actually in my field. So I am super excited plus everyone in that department is already just the coolest.

Other than that I have been busy sending out applications for art shows for the Fall and Christmas season. I am glad to announce that if your in the twin cities this November 29 stop on by the Landmark Center for their Holiday Bazaar, and stop by and say hi to me, I just got the letter and I am so in. Yippy, so I really need to start hammering out some more jewelry, and promotional stuff for the upcoming shows.

Hope this isn't the worlds most boring post, I am just feeling like what to write what to write and somewhat in a sleepy stupor still, counting down until I move out of my current very not so much fun stare at the wall job. It's the final countdown, sorry had to add that in, well until later!

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Merci-Notes said...

Congratulations on your promotion!!! You are the third person I have heard to get one!!! and everyone of you are very, very happy! : )
Love your vintage fabrics! You can make your own chandelier over! Use your own proper scale fabrics or copy them down smaller and decopoge them on! My piece was an evolution, starting with reallly really wanting to put shells on it...discouraged by the family. My son said "We do not live at the beach"! Hey we can dream!!!