Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Tuesday My Friends

Oh today was one of those mornings that I could have just slept in. I had my golf lessons again last night and I am slightly sore. We got to learn our L-Swing which I was totally excited about, so we were supposed to practice the swing first, next practice with a T and then move onto the ball. Well, I was the bad seed and thought I had it down so I was the first one to add a ball, and boy did it feel good to hit that sucker. Anyway so everyone else in class decided they were going to do the ball too, oops well apparently we all still needed to learn just the swing better, tell you the truth it is a somewhat odd way to move your body and not as much fun as I thought, although I love the sound it makes when i wack the ball.

In other news here are the goodies that I sent my ParTea swap buddy Joyce. Joyce look away I know you haven't received this yet and it should so be a surprise.

So anyways Joyce is Down under and I know she likes to scrapbook so I kind of cheated and added in some pretty papers with her package, although who doesn't like to sip Tea and scrapbook so I think it still qualifies. She has some little cuties so I figured they needed their own set so her teacup was safe. So you get the point some goodies for Joyce down under.
Well I am off to work on some well work, doesn't it sound thrilling, all I can think about is Mary Ann relaxing on her summer break I wonder what she is up to today.


Mary Ann said...

You'll be so disappointed to know that I went thrifting. And I made some more gift tags. And I talked to my mom on the phone. And I wore pj's long into the morning. And drank lots of iced tea. Sorry. hee hee:)

breanna said...

I love the little tea set you sent. That is so sweet. And Congratulations on your blog feature!