Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Almost Christmas

Oh my goodness it is almost that time of year. Normally I am so prepared but this year with holiday shows and being unsure of what to buy, well let's just say I am running out of time and starting to panick a little. Okay well alot! I am not done shopping have barely even started, I am having my father and Oh's family over and not sure what I will be serving, let alone gone grocery shopping for it.

I took last friday afternoon off to get ready for a show and decided I should do some shopping. Well there was an accident on the freeway by the mall, the mall was a zoo. So what does Renee do, she keeps driving. I went home and read a book and took a nap. That isn't going to help with my problems. But the book was really good. So are you all done with your shopping yet? I still have to bake some cookies and wrap presents and to tell you the truth it just doesn't feel the holiday season this year. I am really having trouoble getting into it. So I thought if you guys had any good stories we should share them now so we can giggle ourselves into the holiday season. Until then!


Felicia said...

LOL I love that you skipped the mall to read and take a nap :)

Ms. Porter said...

I'm in good shape for the holidays, not hosting this year as I hosted for both sides of the family last year. I still have to wrap about 25% of the gifts for my kids but everyone else is finished. The problem is that I am sort of sick of it all! Last week I was so excited but I don't know, suddenly I'm fed up and wish it would hurry up and get here!! Good luck, it will all get done, it always gets done.

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)