Thursday, December 27, 2007

Look what I got!

Guess what I got for Christmas? My very own mixer! Yes I know I am so excited in fact I even tried it out with a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Very nice indeed. Oh told me it was my mixer in training her was worried if he got me a kitchen aid mixer that I would use it once and then use it to decorate the counter in the kitchen. Funny isn't he. Although he has a point I generally only cook in the fall to holiday months and then I in the spring but other than that. I really don't bake too much jsut occasionally and I am a more hands on girl, literrally. I used to mix my cookie dough with yes my hands, it just seems to blend so much easier plus I have this bad habit of throwing everything out of the bowl when I use a utensil. Now though I am a real chef and I have my own mixer. So I am off to search for some more recies to try it out with. Until then!

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MéLisa said...

Your pix isn't showing up but congrats anyway! I LOVE my Kitchenaid mixer!! I use(ed) it all the time, when I actually had a normal kitchen. If it's on the counter I think that you will find that you will use it lots! Yeah for you! By the way I got your e-mail. Ournet a done for a week so again i am trying to dig out of the e-mail/blog reading hole!!!!