Friday, December 14, 2007

Women's Art Festival This Weekend

Well ladies and gents I have been madly creating things for this weekends show. There must be something about a deadline that actually gets my but in gear. I had plenty of stock but just today decided to take the afternoon off and come home and get ready I ended up working in my studio for about 4 hours and just finished pricing everything and packing it up.

Anyways Vintage Recreations will be at the 15th Annual Women's Art Festival at the YWCA in Minneapolis this weekend.
Check out the flyer below if you in town, this is my first year at the event but I have heard a ton of good things from other artist about the show. It's a great place to help support local women artists as well as finishing up your Christmas shopping.
Hope to see some of you there, if you do stop by let me know that you heard about this from the blog. I always love meeting you guys in person. Also the camera is already packed so I will hopefully share some pics this weekend with you guys! Until next time!

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