Sunday, December 30, 2007

What have I been up too?

Eating and eating and eating some more candy or cookies, basically anything not good for you has been consumed by moi this weekend. Did I mention I haven't gotten out of the Pj's for more than a grocery shopping trip and a quick Crhistmas celebration. I know I just love Pj's if I could I would wear them all of the time. Along with my slipper socks and slippers. Which by the way my mother stocked me up on this year. Thanks Mom, I love the Mary JAne slipper socks, now I even look cute foragint through my house. Anyways back to my productive weekend, so I also surfed the net for well most of the weekend. I did clean and manage to do some laundry but other than that, basically eating. Oh well time well spent relaxing I guess, I just can't believe that the weekend is over. So sad, back to work tomorow for a day and than off on Tuesday to celebrate the new year.

So have you made any New Year's ressolutions yet? I have but not so much personal as proffesional. I'll share the details as I hopefully check them off my list. But I am gearing up for a heck of a year in good old 2008 for Vintage Recreations. Please join me on this fabulous journey! Until then!

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