Sunday, January 13, 2008

99th Post and Counting!

Well as you can tell from the title it is my 99th post, I know can you believe it? I sure can't. Anyways look what I got today,

I am so excited I started trying to figure out the program this afternoon. I started researching hard core about last year this time. I have since given up my subscription to ancestry due to costs, but for some reason I feel compelled to try and move forward. I am having a lucky streak on my mom's side since they have been in the states longer than my dad's side. Which to say the least is going no where due to the fact that I can't read Ukrainian. Anyways if your interested you can download a demo here. It works great with Macs and I am in love, I just have a lot to learn now.

Other than that I have discovered that Blogger works way better on FireFox rather than Safari. I couldn't link on Safari or spell check without entering the code myself, which is to say I would rather hit a button than code myself. So I am trying for zero spelling errors from now on. I think my fingers just type faster than my brain.Anyhoo keep on the look out for my 100th post coming up soon, for hopefully a fabulous giveaway. I haven't a clue what but I am thinking! Until then!


Raesha D said...

Isn't family history awesome! I love reading everything I can about both mine and my husband's ancestors. We have information going back several hundred years on some lines.

Sugar Bear said...

Hi Renee,
Congrats on your upcoming 100th! I just passed mine during the holiday rush and didn't even acknowledge it as I was so busy! I have to come up with a giveaway and get crackin!

Roxie said...

What are your plans for your 100th post? Congrats on such a great feat. I found your blog at Angelina's, so glad I did. I'll be back to visit again real soon.

Ms. Porter said...

I'm looking forward to it. By the way, I finally checked out Etsy...can you believe I've never checked it out before???? Also, did you change the template of your blog??? I like the colour, I'm sure it's new?