Friday, January 4, 2008

Check, right off the list

Well ladies and gents, I have been a busy little bee lately. I have been making lists and lists for the business and slowly and surely have been checking them off. It's terrible but right now it is like an addiction, what can I check off tonight for my business resolutions. I can't share any of the secrets right now but something is coming up that you ladies might be interested in.
Oh okay you twisted my arm. I'll give you a hint, this year I have started to buy some of my supplies wholesale, to cut some costs due to the lack of free time now that I am working a day job. Well I really don't need 1200 of any one item so I was thinking of trying to sell off some of the lots for you guys. We'll see how it goes, you know how i love to hoard my vintage materials.

Anyways besides my little lists and planning out next years art festivals I have another addiction. I know two what is a girl to do. I am so addicted to the take home and bake baquettes and brie lately. I am on my third loaf this week and Oh actually likes the new kind of brie, so he has been helping me eat it all up. How's that for a nice dinner, some warm piping hot bread from the oven and some nice brie. Probably not the best in the carbs or dairy for my case, but it is such a nice light and easy dinner, tonight we are adding some pasta salad. I know another carb but you know how us Ukrainians love carbs. I could easily live off of carbs and fruit for the rest of my days and well some chocolates.

Well I am off to check out my list and see what work I can accomplish tonight. Unitl next time!

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