Thursday, January 10, 2008

Books I Thee Love

I love this author, Mary Janice Davidson, and she is local to Minnesota too. She writes these great books, very fast reads, but the characters she creates are just hilarious with their personalities. You can check out her site Here.

This series about Queen Betsy, is my favorite of hers. Very witty and hey who doesn't love to read about characters in her own hometown. Plus did I mention how much I love this author. So if your looking for a quick read, nothing to serious more fun, than definitely check this author out, and may I suggest you start with her undead series. You can tell because all of the titles start with undead and something. Hilarious I tell. So when you cable, phone, and Internet go out, just like mine did yesterday, I say hit the bookshelves or library.

Curious how I am doing without a nihgt of Internet. Well, I know it was awful, especially being without the Internet, the TV I can manage, but the web! Let's jsut say at least I had a few good books handy, otherwise I would still be pulling out my hair.

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