Saturday, January 12, 2008

Flowers Everywhere

Well you all know I tend to get a tad crazy when ordering things in the new year, I kind of bought to much. So chekc out some of the new items going into my Etsy shop hopefully by the end of today. So chck them out at Vintage Recreations.

I am so in love with these flowers they are great for anything, from scrapbooking, to jewelry, to additons to clothing and purses. So many things these guys can be used for.

Hope your all having a great weekend! Also this is my 98th post almost to 100, and I don't think it has even been a year yet, almost but not quite if memory serves. Granted my memory doesn't always serve but you know what I mean. Until next time.

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Flea Market Queen said...

Love all your little etsy goods!
I am on my 100th post & having a giveaway, come on over...